Camera-Ready Instructions
For Workshop Papers

NOTICE: This instruction is applied to the following workshops:
  • GREC (Abstract)
  • MOCR
  • HDI
Not applied to GREC (Regular) and HIP.

Camera-Ready Website

Camera-ready paper submission of WORKSHOP papers are also handled electronically via the CPS Website.

In order for the publication chairs to identify the submitted paper manuscript, please indicate the name of workshop and the paper ID of your paper, like for instance “MANPU_001” or “CBDAR_002”, in “Paper ID:” form located at the bottom of the website.

Paper Format and Length

Paper format instruction and page limit are described in the website. Please note that different page limits are applied to for each workshop:

  • GREC (abstract): 2 pages
  • MANPU: 6 pages
  • ICDAR-OST: 6 pages
  • ICDAR-WML: 6 pages
  • CBDAR: 6 pages
  • MOCR: 5 pages
  • HDI: 5pages
  • IWCDF: 6 pages


Please do not forget to complete registration. The same policy as the main conference is applied. Note that if an author of a workshop paper attends only to workshops and tutorials, the Pre-Event Pass is enough to satisfy the condition to publish his/her paper.

Important Date

  • Submission due: September 1, 2017
  • Registration due of at least one author: September 1, 2017