ICDAR2017 Competitions

We are pleased to announce that the ICDAR2017 will organize a set of competitions dedicated to a large set of document analysis problems. You are cordially invited to participate to this scientific event that will be a very good opportunity to objectively compare the quality of algorithms on different categories of challenges. You will find below the different categories of competitions, and the URL of their respective website, that will allow you to get all the required information for participating:

Category: Handwritten Historical Document Layout Recognition

Category: Historical Handwritten Script Analysis

Category: Character/Word Spotting

Category: Handwriting Recognition

Category: Document Image Binarization

Category: Document Recognition (Layout analysis & Text Recognition)

Category: Document Reconstruction

Category: Post OCR Correction

Category: Robust Reading Competitions

Category: Text in Video

Category: Forensics

Category: Miscellaneous Competitions


For any inquiries you may have regarding a specific competition, please contact the organizers of the competition.

For inquiries about the whole of ICDAR2017 competition, please contact the ICDAR2017 Competition Chairs (Jean-Marc Ogier and Marcus Liwicki) via:
icdar2017-competition *** m.cs.osakafu-u.ac.jp (please replace *** with atmark).