Conference Booklet

Conference Booklet

In the online version, the errata are corrected.
Conference Booklet

Errata and Updates

Errata of printed program booklet

  • Errata of Printed Program Bookle:
    In page 26:
    (Error) HDI Workshop will be held on November 11
    (Correct) HDI Workshop will be held on November 12

  • Errata of USB Proceedings
    • The following ICDAR-OST paper is wrongly stored in the folder of Poster Session 3 of the main conference in the USB Proceedings.
      Nicholas Journet, Boris Mansencal, and Muriel Visani
      “Massive, free and reproducible grountruthed document image databases generation with DocCreator.”
    • The following main conference paper is not included in USB proceedings.
      O9-2: Anh Duc Le, Masaki Nakagawa
      "Speedup of Parsing for Recognition of Online Handwritten Mathematical Expressions" [PDF download]

  • Updates:
    • Swap of Poster Session Chairs
      Alicia Fornés will be a Chair of Poster Session 2
      Rafael Lins will be a Chair of Poster Session 1

    • Poster Presentation Reassignment
      The following paper is presented in Poster Session 1 on Monday.
      Zied Selmi, Mohamed Ben Halima, and Adel M. Alimi
      “Deep Learning System for Automatic License Plate Detection and Recognition.”