ICDAR 2017


Three tutorials will be offered at ICDAR 2017. Each of tutorial will last half a day. You can find the names and organizers for each below.


  • RTRS: Building a Robust Text Reading System for Unconstrained Scene Images
  • Organizers: Zhizhong Su and Chengquan Zhang
  • WS: Word Spotting: From Bag-of-Features to Deep Learning
  • Organizers: Gernot A. Fink


For any inquiries you may have regarding a specific tutorial, please contact the presenters of the tutorial.

For inquiries about the whole of ICDAR2017 tutorial, please contact the ICDAR2017 Tutorial Chairs (Simone Marinai and Josep Llados) via:
icdar2017-tutorial *** m.cs.osakafu-u.ac.jp (please replace *** with atmark).