Frequent Asked Questions


On Paper Submission

#1 Download template

Q: Where can I get the template?

A: You can download it from Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings. See Detailed Instructions to Authors for more detail.

#2 LaTeX template

Q: There are two paper templates for LaTeX: bare_conf.tex and bare_conf_compsoc.tex. Which should I use?

A: Use bare_conf.tex.

#3 Modification of submission by the organizers before review

Q: Do the organizers conceal the information about the authors, e.g., the names of the authors and acknowledgment, from the submission before review?

A: No, the submitted manuscripts are reviewed in "as is".

#4 Time zone for the submission dues

Q: Which time zone is applied to the submission dues?

A: UTC-08:00.

#5 Space of author information (names, organizations, addresses, and emails)

Q: According to the instruction, the authors should hide the information of the authors in the manuscript. What should the authors put in the space of the author information?

A: The authors may put in the space "Anonymous ICDAR submission", "Anonymized for review", or something similar. The authors also may leave it blank.